Re: [CR]Arai Drum Brake help

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 10:55:22 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR]Arai Drum Brake help
From: Pete Imandt <>
To: <>, "Thomas R. Adams, Jr" <>
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Tom Adams writes:
> What is the proper procedure for removing a rear wheel equipped with an Arai
> drum brake? And how do you reinstall it properly? My eyball inspection
> suggests you detach the cable, unbolt the actuating arm and then remove the
> wheel in the normal manner. Is this correct? Do you have to remove the
> cable completely from the brake to get it out of the frame, or just make it
> slack? Are there hidden pitfalls I'm missing? And is reinstallation merely
> the reverse procedure? For once I thought I'd ask before charging in and
> making a hash of things.
> On a related note, is the Arai quick release cable kit a useful option?
> Does it work with all vintages of Arai drums? And does anyone have one to
> sell?

If you're really worried about making hash, first totally remove the cable. First off, last on.

YES!!! A quick release is a very useful item. Otherwise, when you loosen the cable, you'll lose your brake adjustment! Also, if you had one, you wouldn't have had to ask your initial question. If NOS QRs aren't available, perhaps you can fabricate something even better. The one on my tandem is retained only by the pressure of the return spring. I've always wondered if a really big bump might knock it loose -- so far, so good.

Pete Imandt Ramona, CA