[CR]RE: making Decals

From: "Scott Shannon" <sshannon@esf.edu>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 17:02:03 -0400
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Subject: [CR]RE: making Decals

Jim Cole wrote:
>>I have some decals I would like to make a duplicate set of. These would be used more for decoration and not concerned if they are 100% as good and long lasting as the originals. Just wondered if anyone out there is rolling their own water slide decals and how hard it is to do an acceptable job. Please feel free to contact me off list. Oh yeah...whatever happened to that decal database idea that was discussed awhile back? Thanks!<<

I have tried (with varying degrees of success) making some of my own water slide-transfer decals using commercially available transfer paper that you run through an inkjet printer. It's available in clear or white background, and if you are good with a software program like Adobe Illustrator, the results aren't bad at all. I made a set for an old Bottecchia that were at least as good as the originals.

On the down side, you can't get decent light colored letters on a clear background (there's no white ink!) and you're limited by the fonts that you can find (unless you are REALLY good with Illustrator and then you can literally invent your own)-- I'm in the process of trying this for my '83 Pogliaghi.

If there is indeed a "decal" database or repository out there I'd LOVE to know about it. It would always be nice to just buy an old or repro decal set if there are some available. I know Cyclart says they have some, but I never see any listed on their web site... Scott Shannon