[CR]No buyers so half-price sale -- Brasilian National Team stuff -- last chance...

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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:50:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Joe Starck" <josephbstarck@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]No buyers so half-price sale -- Brasilian National Team stuff -- last chance...

I can understand the lack of interest in the skinsuit, but the wool-blend jersey is very nice to wear. What? -- no one speaks Portuguese? No collectors of international team colors? If nobody buys these items -- or at least the jersey -- no more romance reveries from me -- so there!

These are the last two uncommon items from my cycling closet. They were given to me by a member of the 1988 Brazilian Olympic Team, kilo man Clovis Andersen Jr. The Brazilian team trained under the eye of Eddy B. prior to the Seoul games, and thus, stayed with me for two weeks in San Marcos, California, during a time when I worked for Masi, and during a time when Eddy B. and Masi's owner, Ted Kirkbride, were quite involved with coaching and equipping many athletes, notably Ekimov's Russian team and the Subaru/Montgomery Securities teams. Anyhoot, the Brazilians I got to know defined gregariousness. They liked to remind me of the phrase, "In the United States, people live to work -- In Brasil, we work to live." Back then, in '88 or '89, I wish I had been more adventuresome and curious about the latter half of this phrase as I had an invite to stay with them in Brasil. The man who funded the team said I could stay on his boat, a boat he had made for him in Green Bay, Wisconsin and had chartered a crew for delivery to Brasil. The man said I could get all the women I wanted. No doubt, after a spell of scuba diving, we'd lounge about and someone would say, "I think the best boats are made in Wisconsin." And after we talked about boats and whatnot, someone would say, "Yes, and I think the best bicycles are made in Wisconsin too." Opinions would abound about this too and after a timely just right pause, my Sonia Braga girl would say, "I think the best lovers are made in Wisconsin." At some point after that, it doesn't matter when, a return flight airline ticket would serve as kindling for a warm fire in the sand by the sea. The jersey tag reads "BIENE, 42, Sao Paulo, Brasil." Team letters are fully-embroidered on a light-weight woolish blend. It should fit a small to small-medium build. Colors are deep blue, gold and green. 5 1/2" zipper front, matching gold color. Gold front with blue-lettered 1" by 4" "BRASIL" embroidered on left breastplate. On gold back, a blue embroidered 2" by 8 1/2" "BRASIL." The four-inch wide deep blue side panels are embroidered with four 1 3/4" white stars. The sleeves are deep green. No holes or blemishes on this jersey -- it's in fine shape. $75 plus insurance and shipping U.S. Postal delivery. The skinsuit is the same color combination, but in paler shades, being of a synthetic-blend fabric. Tag says "BIENE 42 Sao Paulo, Brasil." 15" zippered front. Should fit a small to medium. Yellow front with blue embroidered 1" by 3 1/2" "BRASIL" and a one-inch blue Addidas logo. Yellow back with blue embroidered 2 1/4" by 10 1/2" "BRASIL." Five-inch blue torso side panels with four 1 3/4" white embroidered stars. Green sleeves. Black bottoms with white embroidered 2" by 7" "BRASIL" and one-inch yellow Addidas logos. $75 plus insurance and U.S.Postal delivery. - Joe Starck, Sun Prairie's only romance novelist, in Wisconsin

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