[CR]Guitars and other off topic crap

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From: "brucerobbins" <brucerobbins@supanet.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 01:05:49 +0100
Subject: [CR]Guitars and other off topic crap

Can't we cut the philosophy bollocks here? The list is about old bikes and not about what was in the minds of the men who put them together. The framebuilders on this list are all great, talented individuals but, and I say this with a lot of respect here, I don't think they merit an in-depth discussion-or even a shallow one-about their inspiration. If you want to get that anal, join the framebuilders list.

Vince Connelly and Richard Rose should do the decent thing and have a nice, wee off-list discussion about guitars, inspiration or whatever and spare the rest of us the from their philosophising. The idea that we should discuss what inspired Peter Weigle to pick a particular paint scheme is one of the most ridiculous suggestions I've read on this list. And as for Vince's query about the address for the "Classic photos and discussion of my old neighbor Rebecca Twigg" list, it's the email address of whoever else wants to discuss it with you.

I get really pissed off when someone asks a pertinent question and doesn't get an answer even though I suspect there are people out there who could provide one and yet some airy-fairy thread about guitars or the workings of some Masi guy's mind merit a disproportionate amount of analysis.

If that's narrow-minded, as E-Ritchie suggested, then I'm in the narrow-minded camp with Chuck-and glad to be there.

Bruce, who freely admits he shouldn't have had that third, keyboard-loosening glass of red (Californian!) wine