Re: [CR]The CR list a "chat group"?

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Subject: Re: [CR]The CR list a "chat group"?
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 20:47:55 -0400

Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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Subject: [CR]The CR list a "chat group"?

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> << This is what I see when I log into the CR digest today. None of this is
> really on topic and seems to violate the rules Dale set............ >>
> I am, as usual, able to see both sides of this... but frankly Brian is
> correct in his comments above. I know a certain number of you want to wax eloquent
> on inspirations and influences.. and a bit of that is fine and interesting, but
> those tangents also too easily drift into longwinded essays that many of us
> have no earthly interest in. Sorry guys. It is not necessarily shallow to want
> to decide how you spend your time.
> The CR list has been rather well defined and yet I use a lot of latitude
> before saying "on topic" or not. I will continue to do it that way, but you all
> are intelligent enough to know the limits. If you push over them a smidgen, it
> will be overlooked. Please don't try to redefine the whole list because you
> want to talk about a pet topic.....
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