Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:15:39 -0700
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: Jan Heine <heine@mindspring.com>
Subject: [CR]Fenders

One more point on fenders:

There are two schools of fender adherents:

1. Racing (mostly British/Italian/American): Fenders (usually plastic) as accessory, to be attached and removed quickly. How bikes look with fenders doesn't really matter. Uneven gaps around fenders OK. Clamps and zip-ties preferred method of attachment. When you show off your bike, you first remove the fenders. Very versatile that way.

2. Constructeur (mostly French/Japanese): Fenders (usually metal) as an integral part of the bike. Not to be taken off, ever. Usually, lighting wires, racks and other parts attach to the fenders. No clamps or zip-ties. Fenders should follow the curve of the wheel. In this case, fender clearance and eyelets are not enough, but the frame needs to be designed in many details for fenders (see Jamie's previous post). Not versatile because you cannot remove the fenders. But then, why would you, except to ship the bike or carry on a car-top?

Obviously, these categories are just generalizations - Jack Taylor touring bikes, for example, are British, yet use a "constructeur"-type fender system...

In my experience, plastic fenders are not well-suited to approach No. 2, while metal fenders are difficult to mount on bikes conceived for approach 1.

Jan Heine, Seattle