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Can I please ask one question of the group regarding this topic? PLEASE RESPOND OFF-LIST! I went back to re-read the thread(s), and I see no suggestion by anyone that anything other than bicycles, and on-topic ones at that, should be discussed here. What I saw were suggestions as to how we could develop a deeper appreciation for these bikes by looking beyond the obvious. I want to apologize for anything that I may have said that was unclear on this point. Thanks all, especially Dale. Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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We all have passions, hobbies, many of us have several. I came to this list for bicycles and thats it. There are Other areas I can get information on other topics. Lets keep focused on this area and develop our knowledge and understanding of bicycles. If you have other interested by all mean pursue them but off list and elsewhere. Craig Griffith San Luis Obispo, Ca.

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subject line says it all

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