Re: [CR]Interesting photo on eBay (no, it's not a guitar)

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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 21:33:45 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR]Interesting photo on eBay (no, it's not a guitar)
From: "Hilary Stone" <>
To: Angel M Garcia <>, <>
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Handling is remarkably normal with very good straight line stability due to a large trail figure - though the two motor pace bikes I have ridden, a Bastide and a Carlton are slow to change line. My Bastide I rode several times on the road and it was far nicer apart from huge toeclip overlap (even with a 24in front wheel) than anybody could have imagined.

Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

Angel Garcia wrote:
> What is the design reasoning for the fork tips going backwards on motor pace
> bikes? How would this bike handle not in a motor pace?
>> or as item# 3228527123
>> Jay Van De Velde
>> Seal Beach, CA