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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 22:26:46 -0400

Rita, Paul, and da group, That was one heck of a report! Was I there? Felt like a mini "Cirque/Rendezvous". Although, Rita and Paul did fail to report on the two bottles of Beringers white zinfandel we polished off at Emey's back room. It don't get no better then that. Too bad The Troll couldn't come out from S.D.; busy making steel powder. Has any one in the group ever seen a Campagnolo box like the one in my hot little hands?<>. Box reads"cambio velocita (senza tendicatena) e galletti automatici" . Roughly translated as "quick changer(without chain holder) and automatic handle(meaning quick release). Or even the lettering style on any thing else campy? Any ideas as to date? Chuck? Steve? And my vote is for Dale. And he deserves an apology. "Our list" my Brooklyn ass. Wait, can I say that? Hey, I just did. Quote me on it! Yes Aldo, "I'd be lost without this list" too. Thanks Dale.

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Subject: [CR]BVVW report (long overdue)

> A few of us (myself, my wife Rita and Jamie Swan) from Long Island
> ventured into Manhattan to attend the June meeting of the BVVW (Brooklyn
> Vintage Velodrome Wheelmen) a few weeks ago. We found the evening's
> meeting location, Emey's Bike shop, with no difficulty.
> Immediately, we had the answer to a question we were pondering on the
> train ride in. This was no "normal" shop with Specialized this and
> Lightspeeders that spread out amongst the racks of brightly colored
> Lycra jerseys. Oh no, this place had that magic mix of jumbled piles of
> all sorts of vintage parts under foot and the few bike racks that could
> fit were jammed with eclectic vintage bikes and frames. As we made our
> way to Emey's back room, our eyes were wide open and our hearts beating
> fast as we tried to ID as many treasures as we could in the dim light.
> Claud Butler track, a Frejus here, a Carlton there, Bob Jackson, Raleigh
> Pro (some of these in my size!) I have to get back to that shop. (Emey
> is very nice and has all the neighborhood dogs trained to stop in for a
> treat while out for their walk. NYC note, The bike rack outside the shop
> has a ball peen hammer, an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver chained
> to it along with a air hose. All you need for a quick repair.)
> We were joined by the merry bunch of regular BVVW members (I don't
> remember all their names, except "Frejus John", Mike Lebron) and Joe
> Bender-Zanoni showed up too!
> John Pergolizzi was our entertaining host (Omnipotent Despot?) for the
> evening and had prepared a table full of old Campagnolo oddities and
> historical examples. Two extra special treats
> were the rare cork screw with integrated dust brush and an ancient empty
> box. We discussed
> (debated?) the Campagnolo timeline (a meeting handout, btw) in detail.
> We cabbed it across town to John's Pizzeria, had a great meal, and then
> strolled down the street to Rocco's for coffee and dessert. While we
> were sittin there, deep within the pastry shop, Jamie captures a glimpse
> of a guy, in a wool jersey, riding by on a classic Campagnolo equipped
> bike (good eyes), and someone runs out to check it out.
> Lo and behold, it is Ken Denny on a Masi. The shop lets him bring the
> bike in and he joins the bunch for a coffee. The Long Island crew had to
> skip out at this point to catch a train home. I wish we could have hung
> around to really get chance to talk with Ken and the crew some more.
> We had a fantastic time. There are more BVVW meetings in our future.
> John Pergolizzi really does a great job of picking a topic and sharing
> the info (and fun and enthusiasm). Thanks John.
> Paul Lee
> Huntington, Long Island, NY