RE: [CR]I vote for Dale

Subject: RE: [CR]I vote for Dale
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 03 20:15:25 +1200
From: Wayne Davidson <>
To: "Cox, Thomas R." <>, "CR BIKE LIST" <>

well said, the 2 don't mix. All I can say is that on another list asked that everybody sent me a list of their other hobbies and interests, and that after a week I complied a list that had the persons name email addy and other interests/hobbies, and that was sent to everybody that had participated, it then left them to contact each other and dicuss other parts of their lives etc. If nobody steps up to take on the task, I could......regards wayne davidson Invcercargill NZ.

I just think that people should be more circumspect about expressing their opinions, especially after consuming alcohol.