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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 09:13:10 -0400
From: "jamie swan" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]BVVW report (long overdue)
To: John Pergolizzi <>
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Omnipotent Despot, It was a blast. I'll be a regular now that I see how much fun you guys have. Do you think we could talk Emey into expanding his lounge? I've been a shop rat for 33 years and that place is one of a kind! I'm still mystified why Ken Denny was riding around Greenwich Village at 10:00 on a Friday night in his full retro kit. Doesn't he live in Beantown? Sorry we had to duck out early. Had to catch the train... Paul, Rita and I are talking about having a meeting out our way on Long Island. I know it won't measure up but we'll do our best. Perhaps we'll incorporate a ride into it. Does this sound interesting to any of you guys? Anyway, next time we'll bring some Masi wine, you bring the il cavatappi.

Ciao, Jamie Swan - Northport, N.Y.

John Pergolizzi wrote:
> Rita, Paul, and da group,
> That was one heck of a report! Was I there? Felt like a mini
> "Cirque/Rendezvous". Although, Rita and Paul did fail to report on the two
> bottles of Beringers white zinfandel we polished off at Emey's back room. It
> don't get no better then that. Too bad The Troll couldn't come out from
> S.D.; busy making steel powder.
> Has any one in the group ever seen a Campagnolo box like the one in my
> hot little hands?<>. Box reads"cambio velocita
> (senza tendicatena) e galletti automatici" . Roughly translated as "quick
> changer(without chain holder) and automatic handle(meaning quick release).
> Or even the lettering style on any thing else campy? Any ideas as to date?
> Chuck? Steve?
> And my vote is for Dale. And he deserves an apology. "Our list" my
> Brooklyn ass. Wait, can I say that? Hey, I just did. Quote me on it!
> Yes Aldo, "I'd be lost without this list" too.
> Thanks Dale.
> GianTindaro Pergolizzi
> Omnipotent Despot (yes)
> Gruppo Sportivo Pergolizzi
> New York, New York
> (at least for now)
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> Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 8:24 PM
> Subject: [CR]BVVW report (long overdue)
> > A few of us (myself, my wife Rita and Jamie Swan) from Long Island
> > ventured into Manhattan to attend the June meeting of the BVVW (Brooklyn
> > Vintage Velodrome Wheelmen) a few weeks ago. We found the evening's
> > meeting location, Emey's Bike shop, with no difficulty.
> >
> >
> > Immediately, we had the answer to a question we were pondering on the
> > train ride in. This was no "normal" shop with Specialized this and
> > Lightspeeders that spread out amongst the racks of brightly colored
> > Lycra jerseys. Oh no, this place had that magic mix of jumbled piles of
> > all sorts of vintage parts under foot and the few bike racks that could
> > fit were jammed with eclectic vintage bikes and frames. As we made our
> > way to Emey's back room, our eyes were wide open and our hearts beating
> > fast as we tried to ID as many treasures as we could in the dim light.
> > Claud Butler track, a Frejus here, a Carlton there, Bob Jackson, Raleigh
> > Pro (some of these in my size!) I have to get back to that shop. (Emey
> > is very nice and has all the neighborhood dogs trained to stop in for a
> > treat while out for their walk. NYC note, The bike rack outside the shop
> > has a ball peen hammer, an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver chained
> > to it along with a air hose. All you need for a quick repair.)
> >
> > We were joined by the merry bunch of regular BVVW members (I don't
> > remember all their names, except "Frejus John", Mike Lebron) and Joe
> > Bender-Zanoni showed up too!
> >
> > John Pergolizzi was our entertaining host (Omnipotent Despot?) for the
> > evening and had prepared a table full of old Campagnolo oddities and
> > historical examples. Two extra special treats
> > were the rare cork screw with integrated dust brush and an ancient empty
> > box. We discussed
> > (debated?) the Campagnolo timeline (a meeting handout, btw) in detail.
> >
> > We cabbed it across town to John's Pizzeria, had a great meal, and then
> > strolled down the street to Rocco's for coffee and dessert. While we
> > were sittin there, deep within the pastry shop, Jamie captures a glimpse
> > of a guy, in a wool jersey, riding by on a classic Campagnolo equipped
> > bike (good eyes), and someone runs out to check it out.
> >
> > Lo and behold, it is Ken Denny on a Masi. The shop lets him bring the
> > bike in and he joins the bunch for a coffee. The Long Island crew had to
> > skip out at this point to catch a train home. I wish we could have hung
> > around to really get chance to talk with Ken and the crew some more.
> >
> >
> > We had a fantastic time. There are more BVVW meetings in our future.
> > John Pergolizzi really does a great job of picking a topic and sharing
> > the info (and fun and enthusiasm). Thanks John.
> >
> >
> > Paul Lee
> > Huntington, Long Island, NY