Re: [CR]which seat is right?

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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 07:11:33 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
To: ADP <>
Subject: Re: [CR]which seat is right?
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My suggestion for saddle is a Cinelli Unicanitor. Many bikes used the Unica #3, I believe it is the Buffalo Padded one. Any Unica of the time will work and look fine. Brooks are uncommon on Italian racing bikes in the 70's from my experience.

Brian Baylis La Mesa (Monte capital of the world), CA

> Hey all....
> I'm trying to put together some spare goodies for the Monte, correct seat
> and pedals, for the purpose of display. Not for actual riding! I'm a
> vintage traitor that way.... So shoot me, I like velcro <g>.
> I've never paid attention to vintage correct seats, except to say "ow," and
> get rid of them as quickly as possible. Now I have to find one. What seat
> might be correct? Think mid 70s. It can be a little bit touristy as the
> Monte is coming out a little bit touristy.
> Ann Phillips, Decatur GA - where we resumed building an ark today