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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 12:38:35 -0700
Subject: [CR]fenders- hetchins

Hello Tom,

Sure, you can repost this, if its still the topic of the day. Its difficult to stay ahead of the great volumne of email generated. The fenders are not mounted on the bike (the struts were misplaced by the original owner). Best Wishes,


Tom Martin <tom@wilsonbike.com> wrote: Dave:

I'd repost this to the list if you haven't already done so. This an interesting question. Do you have pictures of the bike and fenders, or did you take em off as it never rains in fremont?

Tom Martin
Oakland CA

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Hello Tom, About 3 years ago my friend sold me his sons 1963 Hetchins Vade Macum ( virtually unridden with the still new Dunlop gumwalls ). This bike came with aluminum fenders with a "H" embossed on the tip. Anyone ever hear or see such a 'thang? Did Hetchins ever offer Hetchins fenders? Best Wishes, Dave Martinez Fremont Ca mudguards, not stratocasters