re [CR]Super Champion Gentleman 81 clincher rims

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From: "Mark J. Encarnacion" <>
Subject: re [CR]Super Champion Gentleman 81 clincher rims
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 18:00:21 -0700

Steve Kurt wrote:
>You can find some info on these rims from the Cyclo-Pedia catalog on Mark
>Bulgier's site:
>just go to Page 26, "rims"
>There you'll see that it is listed as 22.5mm wide, and 510 grams. There's
>also a nice illustration showing the cross section and construction style.


Thanks for the reference. The model 58 is there, but I didn't see the Gentleman. Are they roughly the same dimension- and construction-wise?

Another question: Is the "Gentleman 81" the same as the "Gentleman", or were these distinct models? I see references to "Gentleman" but not "Gentleman 81" in the archives.


Mark Bellevue, WA

Mark J. EncarnaciĆ³n <>