Re: [CR]Wanted; Information on Bike Traval Cases

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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 18:27:29 -0700
From: Steve Maas <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Wanted; Information on Bike Traval Cases
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I have the case that Performance Bike sells. I have used it several times for my modern bikes, never had the nerve to pack a bike that I cared a lot about. Still, I think it's about as good as any, and far better than using a cardboard bike box. I've seen cardboard boxes trashed by baggage handlers, and in my experience, European baggage handlers are a bunch of gorillas. I've sat on a plane and watched them fling suitcases from a plane to a baggage trolley. Once I saw a cardboard bike box delivered to the baggage claim with big gashes in it and the bike half out of the box.

To pack a bike in the Performance case, you take off the wheels first, and place them in the case. Next comes a thick layer of plastic and a foam layer. Then, you put in the bike, with the pedals off, of course, and handlebar turned or removed. I've usually had to remove the handlebar completely, as well as luggage rack and fenders. It's also a good idea to remove the rear derailleur. There are straps to hold the frame in position, which always come loose. Then comes another layer of foam and the top of the case. The whole thing is wedged together quite tightly, and it all stays together pretty well in transit. There is always a possibility, though, that something may move and rub or scrape. For a good old bike, I would definitely wrap the frame in bubble wrap before packing it; I think that would be enough to keep it safe. The only damage I've experienced was once when the rear dropouts were bent slightly closer together.

The box weighs about 60 pounds packed. It has wheels, which I consider essential for any bike case. It costs $280, but goes on sale frequently for $250. It's well made and you can lock it for security.

Packing a classic bike for transport by air is a risky business. This is one reason why I haven't attended the Cirque: I am just too worried about placing one of my babies in the case. I don't care so much about my modern bikes, and they get pretty roughly used on a tour anyway, but my Colnagos....that's hard to face.

Steve Maas Long Beach California

Hetchinspete wrote:
> I'm going to the UK on July 9th for the Hetchins Rally. I've been looking at the Bike Travel Storage cases and want advice on what to purchase. I noticed at Cirque, a few CR members used them. In looking at Colorado Cycle's website I noticed that the Frame and wheels seem to go in the case together with very little separation. I'm going over with a 1952 Magnum Bonum and don't want it damaged. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Hetchinspete (Peter Naiman)
> Boston, MA
> P.S. Dale wants my full name so,I'm indentifiable to the group. Hetchinspete is to weird for him. Sorry Dale !! I like my alias better and may legalize it to Hetchinspete. Not sure what Joanne (wife) will say.