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Subject: Re: [CR]How to Build the Bates
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 09:55:05 -0500

I should soon be receiving my new Bates. I think a new bike in the classic style does allow a lot of possibilities. Personally, I plan to go with classic style components, some actually from the classic era, some new, but in the classic style. Tentative intended components:

HS: Stronglight A-9 BB: Phil Wood Cranks: New TA Cyclotourist triple Pedals: New TA, NOS Zeus track or maybe old Lyotard Berthet Hubs: Late 90's Phil Wood Rims: Mavic MA-2 or Ambrosio Gentleman 700C Tires: Continential 1000 or 2000 or Panaracer Pasela 28-32 x 700C (No wierd colors) Rear derailleur: Campy Rally or Huret Duopar Front Derailleur: Simplex triple Shift Levers: Simplex Retrofriction Brakes: Mafac Competition Bars & Stem: GB randonneur Mudguards: SKS

About half this stuff was made in the 70's or 80's. The other half was made in the 90's or more recently, but with designs going back to the 70s. This seems to fit the spirit of the frame. Of course you could go with brand new Campy Ergo and carbon bars and stem, or on the other extreme, 50's vintage equipment like what would have been on a Bates in that era. I don't have any Japanese components on the list (except tires). Somehow I like European components on European or UK frames. I do have a few Japanese and US frames, and use the Japanese components on these. Since there are few classic US-made components other than Phil Wood, any mix seems OK on a US frame. Sound like several Bates frames are being buiilt up by the list in the near future. Maybe we can have a "Best Bates" award at the next Cirque.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> Congratulations on your new bike, David. At this point, the way to
> proceed depends on which of the infinite number of possible fantasies
> turns your crank. The "period correct" thing to do is to use 21st
> century components. On the other hand, if you fancy a 1930s bike, a
> 1940s bike, a 1950s bike etc. ad nauseum, use components historically
> correct for the selected period. Finally, if you consider the Bates
> solely as "rolling artwork" you are limited only by your artistic
> judgment. Use components of any age specifically chosen to complement
> the design and to achieve your artistic objectives.
> Martin Needleman
> Annapolis, MD
> David Novoselsky wrote:
> >
> > My new Bates just arrived (thank you Martin, it is great looking) and now, the issue of how to build it. I could go modern (Campy Record/Chorus) or use the NR group I have on hand or, here is a thought, I acquired a near perfect Campy 50th Ann group on a generic early 80s frame that is little used/practically new for a price so low that the group was a steal. The frame it is now afixed to is nice, but nothing that really lights my fire. Would I be wacko to put the 50th on the Bates, or should I go 'modern' or ????
> >
> > I know ithe Bates is a 'new build' and know the debate that took place a few eons ago on this group and elsewhere on whether these Ron Cooper/Coopland bikes are 'real' Bates. I really don't care, it sure looks great and I am very pleased with it. Just want some input on your thoughts on what mechanicals to put on this bit of rolling artwork.
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> > Dave Novoselsky
> > Chicago Illinois