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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 9:12:01 -0400

Jim: The only problem I fear with a soft case is that the bike gets thrown into cargo on the plane and is put under a weight of luggage and is damaged. This wouldn't happen in a hard shell case. Peter Naiman Boston, MA
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> Subject: [CR]Re: Bike Cases
> Most of the Pros who travel use soft cases. Soft cases can be squeezed
> into spaces a hard case won't go. The best bikes are shipped to dealers
> in cardboard boxes. I've used all the Bike Pro soft cases and they're on
> the bulky side. The best is the Sci-Con bag that is pretty trick. All
> you have to do is turn the handlebars and remove the wheels and the bike
> is in. It even has a second fork mount for mountain bikes. It has a
> special guard to protect the derailleur. It received favorable reviews
> from Leonard Zinn and is used by the Postal Service. Best of all they
> can be partially folded up.
> Hard cases are a pain but I suppose they offer the most protection. Most
> of us have not had bikes damaged in soft cases so we're not willing to
> put up with the inconvenience of a hard case.
> Jim Cushing-murray
> Del Mar CA