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Mike Melton built the "Huffy" bicycles used by the 1984 Olympic cycling team.

Most (if not all) the Team 7-Eleven "Murray" and "Huffy" frames were built by Serotta, whose logo is generally plastered on the chainstays.

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\r?\n> > > I know that some of the Seven eleven bikes

\r?\n> > > were Serottas dressed up as Huffys. Did other people also make the

\r?\n> frames?

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > The later ones were supplied by Eddy Merckx. And when the 7-Eleven team

\r?\n> > turned into Motorola, Merckx supplied those too.

\r?\n> >


\r?\n> I believe most of the 7-11 Huffys were built by Mike Melton. I don't

\r?\n> know when the change to Merckx occurred.


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