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Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 20:18:15 +0200
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These framesets have been sitting for ages! They are sitting on the wall as you go up the stairs to the work shop where all of the frame prep is done! 3 TO 4 ROWS HIGH and about 50 in a row.They are not cranking out any reproduction framesets! But are sticking these colors on the old rust buckets sitting on the wall. I have a master list of '' ALL!'' of their unpainted framesets! Eddys shop is not set up for steel framesets anymore. I think what steel framesets that are cranked out for Eddy are coming from a sub contractor. There is no old stock tubing!...........Henry the warehouse manager turned the warehouse up side down for us in searching out old stock frame building material!.........I've been there and have walked places where most have not seen............Bob one of Eddys old faithful cycling Molteni team mates has helped us a lot with our last big buys of their old stock!....At the time we were talking about reproduction team frame sets. they said ''NO!'' but you can have the old team colors applied to one of the old framesets hanging on the wall....................There is selection of about 200 + different boxed painted framsets sitting in a side room up stairs as well...............As for what they are, not sure.

When they say ''Made a very limited run!''............They must be reffering to the limied stocks of built framests that are sitting on the wall.

If you want something more older looking then a SLX can be had for around $ 700.-, same paint job and all.................But there's a hole in what's available, 57, 58 and 59!..........Nothing available.

I'm looking at a '2001 price list and for sure these prices are not current....Because I was just talking to a friend who just so happens works for Merckx supplier of Holland!...........Prices has dropped!

In fact we were on this quest to have these framesets done up in the past and was brought up with the list! We didn't follow through because the paint thin and very brittle on our sample.

Anybody interested..................Let me know and I'll see what my guys can do. Till then you all have a great day.

BC Baron C......................And the gang!! Renaissance cycles Eindhoven Holland...............................Going to take a walk and see what can be had and for what price! Hey!..................BOB!.............Come on down and make me a price!

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> This is puzzling? Did they find old stock and paint or are they taking
> orders to build
> replica's? If so, the picture looks to have internal cable routing and
> tapered fork crowns,
> none of which would match the team bike from the past. AND why would
> the factory
> have frames "on the rack" that could not have been manufactured in that
> facility?
> My experience in communicating with the current factory is that they had
> no interest in EM
> Team Fames (or other) hand built in Belgium prior to 1980. I still have
> not been able
> to substantiate any information on my EM Team Frame.
> Bill Mcgehee
> Flowery Branch, Home of the Falcons, Georgia
> On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 15:55:46 +0100 writes:
> >
> > This London website might be of interest to some on the list.
> > They're offering
> > a replica of Eddie's Tour winning Molteni bike of the 60's and 70's,
> > claiming
> > that it's only available through them. Here's what they say:
> >
> > "Eddy Merckx Molteni MX Leader
> >
> > Features: When we visited the Merckx facory last year we saw a few
> > MX Leader
> > frames sitting neglected on the rack. So we thought we would get a
> > few sprayed
> > in the classic Molteni colours especially for the Tour de France
> > Centenary
> > (See the picture above). Be part of history and order now, limited
> > stocks
> > available.
> > Price: £899.00/1.420,42 Euro"
> >
> > The URL is:
> >
> > Apart from the 10% I get for every buyer I find, I've no connection,
> > etc, :-)
> >
> > Bruce
> > Dundee
> > Scotland

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