Re: [CR]Flash!!! Sewups are repairable!

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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 06:52:02 -0700
From: "joel metz, ifbma/sfbma" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Flash!!! Sewups are repairable!

assuming youre not being sarcastic, yes, sewups are repairable. sure, its time consuming, but so is working to be able to afford nice sewups. there used to people who would do it for money - youd drop off all your punctured sewups, theyd repair them for $5 apiece or something.

hell, ive repaired a sewup myself. it wasnt pretty, and i really wouldnt trust it, but i dont have practice. its totally doable. you just pull away the rim tape, undo the stiching around the punctured area, pull out the punctured bit of the inner tube, patch it with a square of thin rubber, replace the tube, redo the stiching, reglue the rim tape, and voila. that makes it sound easy, and its not, but its certainly possible...

you may start your regret now :)

>There are currently a couple of eBay sellers who insist that sewup tires
>can be repaired (although noone in his right mind would ever want to do
>Description for Item #3615024551 (Tubular sew up Needle Kit) says "This
>was used to repair your tubulars. Nowadays we buy new tubulars but they
>can be repaired."
>Description for Item #2180342500(Vittoria Sewup Tubular Tire Repair Kit)
>says in part "There's so much detail here, I mean, people used to repair
>their sewups !!! You can definitely use this kit, and your infinite
>patience, to repair a nice classic sewup. You can also just put these on
>a shelf to commemorate classic "attention to detail". "
>Are these sellers nuts or is it true that, in the old days, people used
>to repair their tubular tires? If so, I'm certainly going to regret
>trashing all those punctured Italian hand-made silk sewups.
>Martin Needleman
>Annapolis, MD