Re: [CR]Flash!!! Sewups are repairable!

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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 11:18:34 -0400
From: Martin Needleman <>
To: "joel metz, ifbma/sfbma" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Flash!!! Sewups are repairable!
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Good grief! Doesn't anybody have a sense of humor anymore? Say "Goodnight", Gracie.

Martin Needleman Annapolis, MD

"joel metz, ifbma/sfbma" wrote:
> assuming youre not being sarcastic, yes, sewups are repairable. sure,
> its time consuming, but so is working to be able to afford nice
> sewups. there used to people who would do it for money - youd drop
> off all your punctured sewups, theyd repair them for $5 apiece or
> something.
> hell, ive repaired a sewup myself. it wasnt pretty, and i really
> wouldnt trust it, but i dont have practice. its totally doable. you
> just pull away the rim tape, undo the stiching around the punctured
> area, pull out the punctured bit of the inner tube, patch it with a
> square of thin rubber, replace the tube, redo the stiching, reglue
> the rim tape, and voila. that makes it sound easy, and its not, but
> its certainly possible...
> you may start your regret now :)
> -joel
> >There are currently a couple of eBay sellers who insist that sewup tires
> >can be repaired (although noone in his right mind would ever want to do
> >it).
> >
> >Description for Item #3615024551 (Tubular sew up Needle Kit) says "This
> >was used to repair your tubulars. Nowadays we buy new tubulars but they
> >can be repaired."
> >
> >Description for Item #2180342500(Vittoria Sewup Tubular Tire Repair Kit)
> >says in part "There's so much detail here, I mean, people used to repair
> >their sewups !!! You can definitely use this kit, and your infinite
> >patience, to repair a nice classic sewup. You can also just put these on
> >a shelf to commemorate classic "attention to detail". "
> >
> >Are these sellers nuts or is it true that, in the old days, people used
> >to repair their tubular tires? If so, I'm certainly going to regret
> >trashing all those punctured Italian hand-made silk sewups.
> >
> >Martin Needleman
> >Annapolis, MD