Re: [CR]Running new drivetrains on 120 mm or 126 mm bikes

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 18:20:09 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Running new drivetrains on 120 mm or 126 mm bikes

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<< If I want to run a contemporary Chorus or Record drivetrain including hubs on a classic 1970's 120mm bike, is there any way to do this >>


I would ask, why do you want to? If you desire to run a contemporary drive train, find a frame which was designed to accommodate them.

This is sort of like the "Apples & Oranges" thing. It can be done, but seems rather like a waste of effort (IMO). The modern drive systems have 130 mm (road) spaced rear hubs, and (good) frames which are 120 mm spaced should not be cold set to that distance. I have serious reservations about going from 120 mm to 126 mm!!

Buy another frame and keep the Original (120 mm) - Original! Oh, and if you do want to buy a 130 mm spaced frame, I have this Colnago which has been gathering dust.....................


Chuck Brooks
Malta, NY