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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 09:13:27 -0700
From: Brandon Ives <>
To: ADP <>
Subject: This is how you fo it. <Re: [CR]running 130mm setups in 120 spacing>

On Thursday, June 26, 2003, at 05:47AM, ADP <> wrote:
>There really isn't a way to do it by modifying the hub spacing, there isn't
>anything on a 9 speed rear to take out!

Not true. I was going to stay out of this since I think it's really kinda OT, but people seem to be interested and I've done quite a few conversions. The first step is to switch out the 8/9-speed cassette body for a 7-speed body. The 7-speed body with run 8 cogs spaced for 9-speed. Sometimes you'll need a small spacer behind the cassette. This makes your OLD (over locknut dimension) about 125mm. At this point you'll have a near dishless wheel. Now there you go from here depends on how far you want to go. You can get it down to about 122mm by switching out the non-drive cone and locknut. Either way you get better dish in your wheel. The only downside is that you get one less cog. IF someone wants to try this I think I have at least one good 7-speed body around.
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