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From: "chris ioakimedes" <chriseye@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 16:36:09 +0000
Subject: [CR]pinarello

Hi Peter and everyone else,

I have an (off topic?) Pinarello Prologo (time trial bike) serial # 534 N. Mine has a sticker on the downtube near the headtube which reads Campione Olimpico 84 Campione Del Mondo 90. So I believe mine to be post 90. Mine has white Pinarello decals, individual letters, which are peeling off of the frame on the seattube and downtube, the paint and all the other decals are near perfect. I just emailed Pinarello asking about my bike and decals. You can contact them at pinarello.com .

Chris Ioakimedes

Fairfax California

So I would like to get new decals.I recently bought an old Pinarello that I'm definitely falling in love with. In junior high and high school growing up in the Midwest, I rode a Fuji Espree and my friends had a Trek 560 and 500, all nice bikes, but the dream bikes were the De Rosa, Cinelli, Pinarello, Colnagos found in catalogs, and the local bike shop's Ciocc. Well, I found a used Pinarello at the Recyclery in San Rafael, CA and made the old dream come true. It's blue lacquer over a completely chromed Columbus frame, with chrome GPT (Giovanni Pinarello, Treviso) monograms on the fork crown and seatstays, chrome chainstay and dropouts, lug and bottom bracket cutouts. I've put about 160 miles on it 3 weeks and love it. The ride is fast, forgiving and faithful

This bike is serial number #794, which suggests to me it's quite early. But the head badge has Olympic rings which may suggest post-1984. Does anyone know of a Pinarello serial number registry? I'm also contemplating painting in the decals that are about 80% gone. Any suggestions on repainting versus decal reproduction for white logos?

Thanks and happy riding, Peter Chu San Francisco

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