Subject: [CR]Axle and Spindles

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 11:48:06 -0700
Subject: Subject: [CR]Axle and Spindles
From: Pete Imandt <>
To: Ron Gurth <>, <>

Ron Gurth wrote:
> Spindles spin (ie. bottom brackets); An Axle remains stationary and the hub
> and bearings rotate around it. Re: the automotive terms, I think the industry
> differentiates because an axle connects the two wheels on the rear of the
> vehicle (like the term axis), while they use the term spindles for what
> supports one wheel up front.
> "Professor" Ron Gurth
> Carmel, IN

Very good, Professor, thanks. Can put this one to bed now? "Axel" may come from it being a common "axis" of rotation of two (or more) wheels (or bearings).

Pete Imandt
Ramona, CA