Re: [CR]State of affairs in the Italian Bike business in 1946

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Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 16:05:26 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR]State of affairs in the Italian Bike business in 1946
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Looking over the list below I spotted "Mr. Ferdinando Tagliabue" who donated 25000 lira. The Tagliabue family has a long history in the high end of the Italian bike business, but it is Ferdinando's son, Gianni, that really made things happen.

Gianni took over the family bike business in the late 50's and whether you know it or not, he has likely contributed something to one of your bikes. The Tagliabue family were the sole distributors for much of Italy's finest hardware to the USA, including brands such as Regina, Silca, Casiraghi (makers of cables for Campy and others) and Universal. The family business is carried on today by Gianni's son, although the boom days that brought great wealth to the family are long over.

Bryant Bainbridge Portland, Orygun
> From: Mara & Steven Maasland <>
> Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:42:06 -0400
> To: Classic Rendezvous <>
> Subject: [CR]State of affairs in the Italian Bike business in 1946
> I have been reading more of the book: "Storia del Velocipede e dello
> Sport Ciclistico" which translates to English as: History of the
> Velocipede and Cycle Sport. The book was printed in 1946 and written by
> Angelo Gardellin. Gardellin was a former Italian Champion in a couple
> of cycling disciplines in the early 1900 (and strangely enough vice-
> champion of Canada in 1912!). The book was meant to be the most
> complete reference work in the Italian language about the developmental
> history of the bike and racing history.
> The bike was written over a longer period and was funded by a
> subscription of all the leading lights of the bicycle trade of the
> time. To read the names of the subscribers and the amount that each
> pledged is to understand the pecking order of the time. The list of
> those pledging over 5000 Lira include the following list. It is also
> interesting to note that the official title of each was also included.
> Italian Olympic committee: 50000 lira
> 'Commendatore' Giovanni Tappella: 50000 lira (Tappella built bikes and
> many other products in his conglomerate.)
> Mr. Antonio D'Alessandro: 50000 lira
> Mr. Caro De Negri: 50000 lira
> Mr. Giuseppe Olmo: 50000 lira (maker of Olmo bikes and ex-racer)
> Edoardo Bianchi (company): 35000 lira Edoardo himself had passed away
> shortly beforehand and the book is dedicated in his honor.
> Michelin Italia (company): 35000 lira (tire company)
> Cicli Cimatti (company): 25000 lira (bicycle company)
> Pirelli (company): 25000 lira (tire company)
> Mr. Ferdinando Tagliabue: 25000 lira
> Emilio Bozzi (company): 25000 lira (bicycle company)
> Biciclette Welter (company): 20000 lira (bicycle company)
> Grand Officer Emilio Cardiol: 20000 lira
> Grand Officer Giovanni Tomaselli: 10000 lira (winner of the Grand prix
> de Paris in 1899 on a Bianchi bike)
> Gomma A. Villa (company): 10000 lira (tire company)
> Mr. Cesare Rizzato: 10000 lira (owner of many bicycle brands)
> Pneumatici Clément: 10000 lira (tire company)
> Grand Officer Federico Momo: 6000 lira (winner of the Grand Prix de
> Paris in 1900, however classified second against widespread
> consternation)
> Biciclette Gloria (company): 6000 lira (bicycle company)
> Biciclette Dei (company): 6000 lira (bicycle company)
> Italian Cycling Federation: 5000 lira
> Padova Cycle Club: 5000 lira
> Italiana Gomma & Hutchinson(company): 5000 lira (tire company)
> Gomme Galetti(company): 5000 lira (tire company)
> Cicli Taurus(company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Biciclette Benotto(company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Cicli Bottecchia(company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Biciclette Frera(company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Cicli Gasparetto(company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Cicli INPA (company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Biciclette Olympia (company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Cicli Viscontea (company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Officer Knight Luigi Ganna: 5000 lira Former Professional racer
> Biciclette Faggi (company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Cicli Velox (company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> Cicli Maino (company): 5000 lira (bicycle company)
> 'Raggioniere Commendatore' Federico Torresini: 5000 lira
> Knight Armido Rizzeto: 5000 lira (Former Professional racer and
> multiple Italian champion)
> Luigi Colombo (company): 5000 lira (owner of paper mill and tubing
> company)
> Duke Enrico Lowenthal: 5000 lira (maker of Lowenthal bikes)
> Mr. Francesco Brambilla: 5000 lira (maker of Brambilla bikes)
> Other notables whose names are known to many CR listmembers are:
> Fratelli Doniselli (company): 2000 lira (bicycle company)
> Fratelli Vianzone (company): 1000 lira (makers of components)
> Mr. Tullio Campagnolo: 1000 lira
> Knight Emmo Ghelfi: 1000 lira (owner of Frejus)
> Knight Learco Guerra: 1000 lira (former professional racer and bike
> builder)
> Knight Costante Girardengo: 1000 lira (former professional racer and
> bike builder)
> Mr. Marcello Faggin: 1000 lira (maker of Faggin bikes)
> Does anybody have any idea who: D'Allessandro, De Negri, Tagliabue,
> Cardiol and Torresini are?
> Given it was recently discussed, the book also has some great
> illustrations showing stayer racing as well as paced racing behind
> tandems, triplets, quads... up to ten-person bikes!
> Steven Maasland
> Moorestown, NJ