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Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 10:20:34 -0400
From: jamie swan <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Paris-Sport
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Hi Joe, I agree. I sold a zero mileage Paris-Sport/Orero to Paul Lee a few years ago it is very well crafted. I've seen several others including ones with his own name on them and they have all been very quite good. Maybe the cream of the Paris-Sport lot?

Jamie Swan - Northport, N.Y.

Joe Bender-Zanoni wrote:
> The Argentinean would have been Ramon Orero, a great builder of bikes under
> his own name. Looking at the the pictures on the CR website the chainstays
> have a shape that says Orero to me. Who built what at Paris Sport probably
> changed by the month so its all a guess. I could probably tell an Orero if
> I held it in my hand. He had a very distinctive line on all the finishing
> touches- quite refined.
> My wife's Orero is very fine indeed and I have seen some even better
> examples.
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> > Somehow I started to thinking about my bike and the place I bought it in
> > 1982. It's a Vigorelli by Paris-Sport and I've never seen another like
> > it--until I went to your website and there was the exact bike, same color
> > and decals, although mine doesn't look like that anymore. However it is
> > still equipped with almost the same mix of Campy Nuevo Record/Shimano
> Durra
> > Ace that I had in those days.
> >
> > I think I met the builder and I thought he was Argentinean because I was
> > wearing an Argentina World Cup shirt and he loved it. Argentina had
> > recently won the World Cup. He might have also just been a guy in the
> > workshop. I new that Cuevas worked there but I didn't think my bike was
> > their top model so I didn't think that he made it. I saw bikes that had
> > triangular cut-outs where the frame tubes met the dropouts and someone
> told
> > me they were by Cuevas. Vic sold me the bike and I think I picked mine
> out
> > before it was painted.
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