[CR]The First Toe Clips - was Campagnolo Toe Clips

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Subject: [CR]The First Toe Clips - was Campagnolo Toe Clips

I've seen all-steel toe clips , without any fittings for leather straps , with patent dates in the 1890's .

The two most common types seemed to be :

Toe clips formed from wire , into more or less the shape of "modern" toe clips , with or without wrapping around the sides .

Plates which just barely turned up at the front end ( to hold only the first centimeter or two of each shoe ) .

I've also seen some with fittings for leather straps . But , those leather toe straps seemed to be a later invention !

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> >>When were the steel toe clips first introduced ?
> Nick Zatezalo
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> I have a couple pages of Montgomerey Wards catalog #79 which I believe to be turn of the century or teens, it has steel toe clips for sale.
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