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Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 22:35:01 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Conversations on wheel building...are there great wheelbuilders and w...

Bill, What you say is correct. However, in the normal daily business of selling and repairing bicycles, speed is a key ingredient to wheel building. In fact now prebuilt wheels dominate the market. As a former bike racer who "switched over" going to work for Schwinn, I used to hear a lot of complaints about poorly built wheels. But for the bulk of the bike riding public, factory machine built wheels were OK. I never learned to build wheels myself, prefering instead to leave it to experts such as Oscar Juner or, yes, Spence Wolf. I always heard that his wife, Lillian, would lace the wheels and Spence would tension them. Later at Schwinn when we purchased Kestrel, they did not want us to build wheels for them, but I went to our wheel builder in Southern California, Sta-Tru Wheels, and said I wanted a wheel that was built properly, and didn't care that took longer and cost more to do, to just do it, they came back with a wheel that suprised the Kestrel people. We used our wheels for the Kestrel kit
Dave Staub