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Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 00:37:46 -0400
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Hey All,

By 1980-'81 Andreas was living and painting in Queens, NY. He painted about a dozen frames for us, and I often dropped them off and picked them up. His father was also no longer working for Fraysee, building frames under his own name in Queens. I can't remember if the building and painting were done on the same premises---I don't think I ever met Francisco there when I was visiting Andreas.

There was a guy by the name of Bill Ralph building frames for Fraysee in '80 and '81. He built a few frames under his own name ("Ralph"), but I think left framebuilding and the biz by the mid-'80s. He was a friend of the owners of the shop where I worked, would visit every now and then and built a very small frame for one of the owners. It was the only Ralph I've ever seen.

So--- Cuevas/Limongi/Melton/Molton/Orero/Ralph

Any others?


Paul Brodek Hillsdale, NJ

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003 21:48:31 -0400, "John Pergolizzi" <> wrote:
>Yes, Andreas painted. About 1978 till?
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>> Mike Melton and Dave Molton are the others but did Andreas Cuevas ever
>work there?
>> Jamie Swan - Northport, N.Y.
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>> > > made by Orero who was one 5 (maybe 6 ?) different frame
>> > > builders who worked
>> > > there at one time or another.
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>> > > Good trivia question: name those frame builders?
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>> > In addition to Orero, Francisco Cuevas and Guiseppe Limongi were two of
>the other builders at Paris Sport. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

Paul C. Brodek
Hillsdale, N.J. U.S.A.