[CR][RE] Gitane TdF question

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From: "mitch harris" <mitch_harris789@msn.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 04:10:36 -0600
Subject: [CR][RE] Gitane TdF question

Lost track of the recent posted question about the Gitane Tour de France and the other Gitane model (Special Course? Course Special?). What was speced on your Gitane?

I have a mid 70s Gitane 531 db throughout that I'm trying to identify. It came with Huret Jubilee, Stronglight, Mafac, Normandy luxe with tubulars, half-chrome stays and fork. Not the N. Record that I understand came on the TdF models. The Tdf models I've seen have horizontal rear fork ends, while my Gitane has the spider shaped Huret vertical dropouts. It also has long point lugs, no braze-ons at all, and mudguard eyelets.

The fork crown on my Gitane is the same flat chrome shape as the TdF crowns I've seen, with the cast truncated triangular shapes on top of the crown and the short pointed tangs on the front and back of the fork leg. TdF crowns I've seen have a couple extra tiny pointed tangs on the fork legs too that my crown doesn't have.

Anybody recognize this 531db Gitane model?

Mitch Harris
Utah Co., UT