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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 13:58:25 -0400

I have had good luck with a product called Kroil. It may take a week or two of soaking but I have yet to have it fail to work. Just do a Google search to find a supplier near you.

Karen (sorry about talking about a previous topic) Rawls Winchester VA

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Subject: [CR]Re: Another brown truck, another Pogliaghi; Spence's wheels

> Hey JD and Listers,
> Funny you should mention brown trucks. One arrived on my doorstep yesterday
> and delivered a blue Pogliaghi "Italcorse" frame (52cm) circa late 70's
> (serial no. 11699). It was an e-bay acquisition, somewhat worn (beaucoup paint
> chips) but lovely nonetheless and just waiting for some TLC. Unfortunately, the
> bargain price came with two problems: one, a ding on the top tube from the
> handlebar (?) that doesn't bother me and secondly, a frozen Cinelli 1A stem that
> for the life of me I can't budge (I guess the seller couldn't either). I tried
> tapping firmly on the stem from above (it's not all the way in) - no luck. I
> tried placing a pipe in the stem (not a handlebar) to get additional torque
> while trying to provide countertraction with the front wheel between the knees
> - no luck. Even tried tapping the bottom of the stem from below through the
> fork crown with a long screwdriver - no go!! Anybody out there have any
> experience with this?
> I was fortunate enough to have purchased a custom bike from Spence Wolf in
> 1981 (a beautiful Jim Merz frame) with Spence-built wheels that to this day
> remain true (Phil hubs, Super Champion Record du Monde rims, 3 star spokes tied
> and soldered). Spence also liked to put hash marks along the periphery of the
> rim so the mastick would have a bit more bite - what a craftsman. I knew very
> little about Spence at the time, but my buddies all bought bikes from him
> (Cinelli's of course) - I was just a babe in the woods.
> Having recently discovered the CR list, I am thoroughly enjoying the great
> dialog about these wonderful machines. At the recent Cupertino Anniversary
> Celebration, a fellow came up to me and asked about my bike. I told him it was
> built by Jim Merz. He responded, "That's me!" Imagine that 22 years later.
> Wilson Lem
> (San Francisco)
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> > Listers,
> >
> > What a wonderful event occurred today, when the UPS truck delivered a mid
> > 70's Pog to me (you can win anything on ebay if you are curious about how
> > much the other guy bid and keep thinking, he/she couldn't have put more
> > than another $50 on it). While not as nice a find as the recent NOS Masi,
> > I do find it a very interesting bike. I had used a Pog track bike of the
> > same vintage and same metallic orange color with yellow contrast in the lug
> > cutouts. The bike is equipped with NR, with the single exception of the
> > seatpost that is an SR. Now I need some help with some parts to replace
> > those that don't quite fit.
> >
> > I will be looking for a 170 SR/NR crank, or a pair of arms. I will also
> > need a new Cinelli 1A stem in 110 or 115. I will have a set of 172.5
> > cranks with 42/52 NR rings to trade/sell when I get moved. Any help from
> > all you folks would be appreciated.
> >
> > This is a great looking bike that has very few miles. Alas, as soon as I
> > opened it up and checked to ensure it was OK, then I had to pack it up
> > again for the move.
> >
> > JD "happier than a weasel in a dead moose" Edwards
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