Re: [CR]Re: Wearing helmets

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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 16:56:06 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Wearing helmets

I started riding two wheelers around age six or seven but never put on a bike helmet untill the first summer after I became semi- retired at age sixty-six even though I still carry the scar from a cut over my right eye that I received from a collision with the rear bumper of a parked car that happened when I was about twelve. That first summer after retirement I had a side hustle involving supplying pond plants to an Exotic plant and tropical fish store located about three miles from home. I delivered my plants on an old Free Spirit equiped with a rear rack with a basket attached to either side. It was a beautiful morning in June and I felt like a kid out of school being able to spend the day as I pleased not having to face the daily grind at the office as I had for the past forty plus summers. I got my plants loaded into the baskets but decided that I needed to tighten the front brake on the old bike before taking off. I tightened the brake and started down our driveway which has a rather steep incline down to the street on reaching the bottom of the incline I decided to check the brake that I had just tightened. I was, of course, propelled over the handlebars fortunately landing on my right shoulder rather than my head. I had to sit in the street a minute to wait for my wind to come back.Actually I considered making my deliveries in the car that day, but decided that I was ok except for a little road rash. and I would continue on the bike before leaving though I went in the house and took a new helmet out of the box which I had owned for a couple of years and never worn, put it on and have worn it or one of it's successors on every ride since. I also insist that none of our five grandchildren ever use their bikes, skates, skate boards etc. without wearing a helmet. Best wishes for all to observe safety rules as we continue to enjoy our hobby. Ed Landreth, Norfolk, VA.