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In grade school, they show how teeth are corroded by soda on eggs. As a matter of point, Coke (regular at the time, before new coke, old coke, classic coke, clear coke, etc) worked better than pepsi at corroding egg shells. Talk about fear factor.

Beyond that, anything with tons of Vitamen C and no sugar would in theory work better. Vitaman C is acidic. Works wonder on brass and shiny stuff. But coke would work better due to it's "fizz" lifting things out.

I would be hesitant to poor anything in a frame due to corrosion issues, unless you could be sure to clear it out. You can save money on free up lubricants by using coke, but you'll need some sort of preservative to prevent future problems. Sort of throwing the baby out with the bath water, in my humble, not to experienced opinion.

I'm a bit of a hack on many things, but I would say find a long metal rod of good thickness, and the apropriate sized BFG should solve the problem. Measure twice. Line up correctly, and there you go. No chemicals, no fuss.

R/ William "Bug Juice" Karstens San Diego, CA

(two points to anyone who know what "bug juice" is)

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and we DRINK this stuff?????

BTW, what kind of extension is stuck in the steerer?

Tom Martin Oakland CA

hopelessly off topic but I couldn't resist.

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> Jimmy Thompsen (who has a fabulous Hetchins collection) has asked me to
> forward this...
> << ......about the man who cannot get his extension out of the steering tube,
> tell him to turn his frame upside down and pour PEPSI COLA down the steering
> tube and let it soak for about an hour.... it should help free any corrosion
> and allow the parts to separate.
> Good Luck
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