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Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 10:30:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Feldman <>
Subject: Re: values/oil/water/spoke solutions (was:Re: [CR]spoke prep
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I use wicking loctite on the left side of some rear wheels, and Wheelsmith spoke prep on almost all wheels. Most--not all, but most--too-loose-left-rear spokes are caused IME by using straight gauge spokes on the left side of a heavily dished rear wheel; it appears to be a "butted spokes only" area as they are slightly stretchier and equalize tension better around the side of the wheel. This is especially true on recent Campagnolo hubs which have the right flange even farther in from the axle end than other 8/9/10 hubs. I suggested offlist to another listmember to try olive oil, and this was not a facetious suggestion--ever try to get congealed olive oil off a kitchen utensil or something? It does dry gummy, similar to linseed oil, and is less flammable and even cheaper--say, 2 liters for the price of the two little jars of Wheelsmith product! It's on my experiment list for sure, especially if building an Italian made tubular rim.
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

--- heddarr wrote:

> > > in the ol' days we used nothing.<<


\r?\n> I had a wheelset in the early 80s that was very

\r?\n> troublesome. I built up

\r?\n> Shimano 600 high flange hubs, 36 Torrington spokes

\r?\n> laced 3 cross to

\r?\n> Montherly Pro tubies. The rear wheel was fine but

\r?\n> the front was

\r?\n> problematic. The same two spokes on the right side

\r?\n> would loosen. I retrued

\r?\n> several times, I was embarrassed because I was the

\r?\n> hot shot wheel guy at

\r?\n> the shop and my own pride was suffering. I went to

\r?\n> an industrial show with

\r?\n> my father and scored a free vial of loctite blue.

\r?\n> No further problems. In

\r?\n> fact I did several loaded day and multiday trips

\r?\n> with this wheelset.


\r?\n> I wish now I had . . .

\r?\n> moved the spokes

\r?\n> tried two different spokes

\r?\n> tried two different nipples to see if that made a

\r?\n> difference


\r?\n> Any one else have a similar experience?



\r?\n> Odd thing is that I decided to speed up a Raleigh

\r?\n> Gran Prix to give to my

\r?\n> girlfriend, now wife of 20 years. I used the same

\r?\n> hubs and built them up

\r?\n> with Wolber clinchers. The spokes were built into

\r?\n> another wheelset and the

\r?\n> rims were installed on my Serotta Club series with

\r?\n> Dura Ace hubs and DT

\r?\n> stainless spokes. No troubles with any of the

\r?\n> resultant 3 sets. Go figure.


\r?\n> Is anyone using loctite these days on spokes?


\r?\n> Howard Darr

\r?\n> Clymer PA