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I might add that Stronglight model 93 (probably the one you have), will allow a wider choice of chainwheels, as small as 38 teeth, than the old Campy NR/SR, which couldn't go below 41 teeth. And Stronglight cranks did not suffer the cracks which sometimes developed in Campy cranks. I agree with Gilbert that these cranks are well worth keeping.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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In a message dated 7/4/03 11:29:21 PM, writes:
>I bought a Stronglight crank puller from Harris Cyclery. It cost $49.00
>but it worked on a crank that was stuck for years. Stronglight cranks
>are 23.35mm. It helps to have a 19mm box end wrench to use with this tool
>Daniel S. Swords
>New Orleans, LA
>Bryon Wright <> wrote:
>thanks for the help on removing the dustcaps. I then went to remove the
>crankarms and my crankarm pullers are too small to fit the seemingly oversized
>crankarm thread (I can just pop the entire threaded part of the tool in
>without touching the crankarm threads). Can anyone suggest a tool to use
>to remove these crankarms? Also, will a modern crankset fit onto the bottom
>bracket that the Stronglight crankset was attached too.
>-Bryon "the newb" Wright
>Antioch, CA

Hi all,

Daniel is correct. The TA tool side of the Park reversible tool will pull threads out of the old Stronglight. An old shop should have the tool so you have a cheapie source certainly if you pay them. I'd advise putting in a Phil (designed to fit) and keep the crank if the ring range is good for you as a well maintained Stronglight crank is as long lasting (and light) as your might find anywhere from my experience. They can polish up like a mirror too.

Looking around I have Stronglight (new and vintage) along with a few TA (Cyclotourist) cranks on everything I ride (6 bikes not including a few roadsters). The new cranks (Stronglight and TA) are hard to find but very nice as well.

I need a life man,

Gilbert Anderson

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