Re:[CR]Do-it-yourself guide to cutting a steering tube

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Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 21:50:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bruce Schrader <>
Subject: Re:[CR]Do-it-yourself guide to cutting a steering tube
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My favorite fork cutting guide is the top threaded bearing cone from an old Standard Schwinn headset. Not the Deluxe that came on the Continentals and up but the ones that came on the Varsities, Stingrays, Cruisers etc. They have a large, almost flat surface to lay the hack saw blade against. They are also very hard and are not affected by the teeth on the blade or the touch of the file teeth. I actually use two of them; one screwed on upside down and the last one right side up. I adjust the top one to the exact length and then lock the lower one against it. Hand tight is enough. Then cut the steerer with the hack saw staying up next to the race if possible. After the cutting, I file it flat with the head race and chamfer the I.D. with a half round file. Then I spin off the bearing races and with a flat file, bevel the O.D. a bit to take off the sharp edges which makes for easy starting of the headset and saves cut fingers from the sharp edges that would otherwise be left.

This method is very quick and accurate and produces a beautifully cut and finished steer tube.

The best part is that the tools required are almost free for the asking.

Bruce Schrader San Francisco, CA

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