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You have little to nothing to worry about. They are simply trying to scare you off. I had similar problems with faxes going to my house. I doubt that they would be able to find you first of all, second of all, have the where with all to come to the US for a single person who has not traded money with them.

Report it to the applicable agency. Don't continue to email them, other than to tell them not to bother you any longer and that you've reported them. I would also report the email address to the owner of this list, such that any that are subscribed to the list are removed.

R/ William Karstens Spring Valley, CA Where we're not afraid of no stinkin' money scammers..

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What's the deal with these West African guys and their money-laundering schemes? Have you guys reported them?

I recently joined CR to eMail people who enjoy discussing, buying, selling and trading vintage race bicycle parts.

Since joining the site, I continue to get unsolicited eMail from West Africa

from many parties claiming to want to buy my "bicycle" (I've had multiple bikes, frames, and components for sale on eBay, so I know these offers are bogus) for insane amounts of money. I guess they want to move cash to the States. I

eMail them back and tell them I've reported them and to stop harassing me. I've noticed that other members on the site have commented on these phony offers,

as well.

Today, I got a response from a fellow who just won't quit eMailing me. Here it is:

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<A HREF="mailto:Sunsurfslopes,">Sunsurfslopes,</A>  I have investigate concerning you and I have gotten all neccessary information concering you, your house, ways everything about you,infact you are in trouble for the rest of your life. believe you me.

I take this threat pretty seriously. What should I do? Hey, I'm just trying to sell some old bikes here, not get mowed down by a hail of gunfire.

Please advise on next steps.


Bob Fulghum
San Diego