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Subject: Re: [CR]Plea to the Raleigh experts
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 20:43:42 -0400

I bought a Pro track new in '73 that had the red, white and blue color scheme. Five years later, Raleigh replaced the frame (which had developed a twist in the top tube) with a '78 frameset in the team color scheme. One of the obvious differences in the two frames was that the '73 had one larger and two smaller holes drilled in the upper part of the rear dropouts, while the '78 has a string of 11 uniformly sized holes drilled about 1/4" from the axle slot all the way around the slot. Of course, the serial number will be the best indicator. It should start with W for Worksop, then a letter to indicate the fortnight and the first digit will indicate the year.

Steve Barner, who did about 40 miles on a '74 Raleigh Pro today, Bolton, Vermont.

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> John Morrison wrote:
> > Next, I have a Raleigh track in my possession, that I'm trying to identify. It does not have a headbadge and has been re-painted. Maybe somebody is familiar with the serial numbers?? It does have the "CC" cutout on the bottom bracket.
> > Thanks again,
> > John Morrison, SoCal