Re: [CR]Head-Badges & Serial Numbers For Old Raleigh Frames

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Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 14:36:00 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Head-Badges & Serial Numbers For Old Raleigh Frames

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> Hmmmmm , those rivets , solid aluminum , or hollow brass - did they
> change at a certain year ? Or is it a , 3-Speed upright-handlebar ,
> versus dropped-handlebar , sort of a difference ? I checked my circa 1970 Gran
> Sport frame set . It has the hollow brass rivets , just as the other
> dropped-handlebar bicycles have . All right , I do have the remains of what
> I'm pretty sure is a late 1970's Raleigh Sports 3-Speed . . . It has the
> solid aluminum rivets , just as the Raleigh Superbe Sports from an earlier
> generation have !
> Hey ! I learned something ! Raleighs with upright handlebars , at
> least in my house anyway , have different rivets holding the headbadges ,
> different from the dropped-handlebar Raleighs !

Raoul, you need a bigger sample. As good as an excuse as any for acquiring more bikes! My Raleighs are all road bikes. The following have the headbadge held on by aluminum rivet. 77 SuperCourse, 78 Super Grand Prix, 80 Competition GS. Also I had parted out a 77 or 78 Grand Prix and it had alum rivets. The 74 Professional has it headbadge held on by the hollow brass eyelet style of rivet. This may not be as exciting as Masi, Masi, Masi threads,(actually-maybe it is) but nice to know stuff. Locally I turned up escutcheon pins(little brass nails) to try reattach mine when I paint one of my bikes.

Pete Geurds
Douglassville, PA