[CR]Goodies For Dale/Trade

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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]Goodies For Dale/Trade
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:49:43 -0400

More cleaning and collection thinning happening here. Prices do not include shipping. First come first served basis. I will reply to everyone but please be patient as sometimes I may wait for a firm reply from someone in line before you prior to replying back to your request. My wants list at the bottom.

1.. Used TA Handle bar mount water bottle cage. Excellent condition. No clamps. $30 2.. Used OLMO chromed plastic bar plugs with OLMO decal in center. Fair condition. $10 3.. NOS Bennetto bar tape, red/yellow/black. I bought thinking it would look great on my beater Raleigh Team Pro but just not my style. 2 pairs avail. $5 per pair or $10 for both plus free shipping. 4.. Used 3ttt adjustable stem, later style with allen head bolts. No decals, very good condition; with some polishing would be stunning. $55 5.. Used ttt Special Gran-Prix stem. Very elegant looking. Has ttt hbar clamp bolt/nut but missing quill bolt/wedge. 115mm length. $40 6.. Used 3ttt stem, Cinelli 1A style. 110mm length, markings below insertion line, otherwise very good to excellent. $20 7.. Used 3ttt stem, Cinelli 1A style. 120mm length, excellent condition. $25 8.. NOS BF stem. Looks like a typical 1970's GB stem. 22mm x 95mm. Has quill nut and wedge but missing hbar clamping bolt. $15 9.. Used old logo Christophe medium toe clip set. Very good chrome with some light scraping at very top edge. $10 10.. Used Mavic brake levers. These are the Modolo ones branded as Mavic. Very good condition. Includes white anatomic hoods in poor condition. $30 11.. NOS Modolo anatomic hood set in bubble gum pink. $15 12.. NOS Modolo sinterized brake pads and holders, 1 set, with wire wheel guides. $5/set 13.. NOS Mafac brake levers, drilled levers with full black hoods and chrome knurled adjusters, some light shop wear but will polish great. $45 14.. Used Mafac Racer brake set (calipers and levers). White lever covers and safety brake levers too. Very good chrome. Set is dirty and needs cleaning. Rear caliper bolt is the odd type that bolts down through top of bridge for mounting fenders too. $20 15.. Used old Universal brake lever. No scraped but require a good polishing. Original and beat hoods inclided. I do not know the model but they have a similar style and profile to Mafac Racer/Competition levers. $20 16.. Shimano Tourney centerpull brake caliper set, no levers. Very good condition. $20 17.. Used Campagnolo Rally derailleur w/red bullseye pully's. Good+ condition. This is the version with "Campagnolo" cast across the top pivot mount. $45 18.. Used, Huret Jubilee rear derailleur, very good+ condition, needs cleaning. Includes mounting nut. $45 19.. Used Simplex Competition rear derailleur with odd long cage. Greasy dirty but should clean up to nice condition. $10 20.. Zeus Alfa front derialluer, excellent chrome, cage nut is broken off and adjuster spring is poor. $5 or free with any other item 21.. NOS Simplex front derialluer, one model below SLJ. This is the all metal parallelogram type. $40 22.. NOS/NIB Suntour Winner Pro 6spd freewheel. 13/14/15/17/19/22. $30 23.. NOS Suntour New Winner 5 spd freewheel. 13/14/15/17/19. $25 24.. Used Shimano 333 large flange front hub, 36h needs repacking, solid axle, no nuts, cosmetically very good, turns rough. $5 or free with any other item 25.. NOS Normandy Luxe Competition front hubs (2 avail), 36h, old version with gold foil label. Includes MM Atom QR's. Both need cleaning and overhaul but are NOS and will look great with a small amount of time. Label on one is excellent, other has a small rip on edge. $25 best one, $20 other one or $40/both 26.. Used, excellent/mint, Maillard/Speidel front QR with plastic & metal nut end. $10 27.. Used, very good+, "Schwinn Approved" front QR. Identical to MM Atom except name. $10 28.. NOS Bluemels Club fender sets with hardware. One red, other yellow. $50/set 29.. Used, Brooks B5N saddle. Fair looking condition but badge still intact and no major deformations or cracks. Chrome is nice. $10 30.. NOS VAR tubular tire bag. $15 Wanted to buy or trade to complete the restoration of my very early Raleigh Team bike:

NOS Campagnolo Ti BB spindle 68ss (112mm) late version preferred but either ok.

Campagnolo SR chainrings 53 & 42

And for my beater Raleigh Team Pro, I'm also looking for functionally excellent but cosmetically challenged/rough (ie cheap) 1979 dated Campagnolo SR 170mm crank arms, rear derailleur, front derailleur, seatpost 27.2, Ti pedals and Brooks Team Pro or Swallow saddle.

Thanks for looking.

Eric Elman

Somers, CT