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Does the following ring any bells for anyone? Did Merlin ever make 531 bikes?

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At the store I work at in Elmhurst, we are having a sidewalk sale - where customers are invited to bring in old bikes they have where we'll sell on consignment. One bike appears to be a 1970-71 Merlin (I didn't know they made bikes back then). Its a weird fuschia color small mens frame, Campy Record Ft. & Rr. der.'s (could be the first year for those), TA crankset, Campy high-flange hubs, sew up rims, SunTour bar-cons, 531 frame w/ Campy chrome-plated dropouts, Weinmann side-pull brakes. frame size is around 18".

I told her I might know someone who was into the old bikes and parts. As it was in not great shape (spider webs, etc.), and would be difficult to sell at the sidewalk sale (since nobody there would know what it was), we didn't take it in. I did take her name and phone number just in case.

If this is of interest to you, or you know anyone else that would be willing to inquire, she's <name and phone number deleted>, in Elmhurst. I wouldn't think she'd want her name or phone anywhere posted on the internet, so this would be private information only.

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