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Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 21:23:48 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Masi GC paint colors
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Interestingly, which color a particular Masi got painted was determined by the buyer; wheather it was a bike ordered by a bike shop for stock or for a particular customer of that shop. Masi USA had a dealer network in place when the first frames became available. There was a backlong for delivery of many of the frame sizes at first. Production started with 25 57cm frames. Next came 25 56cm frames and then 25 58cm frames. I don't remember where they went from there, but I think it went to either 59cm or 60cm based on the number of backlog orders per size. They never got around to my size, 50cm, while I worked there the first time. My lugs and tubeset that was to be my Masi ended up being my very first personal Wizard frame. It's still out there on the road somewhere. It slipped through my hands during a repaint about 15 years ago. I hope to run into it again.

I did a lot of decal application during my stint as thye "painters assistant" at Masi. I don't remember a particular imbalance of any color in the standard Masi color offerings. The "official" colors at the time were:

Silver Metallic Silver-grey Metallic Champagne Metallic Dark Blue Metallic Light Blue Metallic Turquoise-blue (also known as "Spanish Blue") Orange-red (also known as "Campbells' Tomato Soup Barf")

I seem to recall a good number of silver frames, light blue metallic frames, orange red frames, and Turquoise-blue frames. The others were less popular. I think the dark blue matallic was the least popular. This aoll based on dealer orders. Frames were stored finished and primed once there began to be a surplus of frames that became stock. Once an order was recieved, the frame was painted and sent off.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Believe it or not, I was there AND did that!
> Maybe this is completely wrong, probably is...but it sure seems as if most of the Masi GC's I've found, seen, or heard about, are painted medium metallic blue. I've owned three like this, in different sizes, and I've seen many more, for sale and not.
> The current italian GC in-house now is that color too.
> So, I'm wondering if more of the GCs were painted that color than any other. If so, why would that be?
> Charles "I like the dark blue metallic myself, but you hardly ever see it" Andrews
> SoCal