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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:55:06 -0400
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Many months ago Jim Allen kindly supplied our list with the Masi paint color names, specifying which were Italian enamels and also describing the base and topcoat.

My GC is yellow with blue accents in the windows, BTW, probably an Italian enamel, which was still being used on some of the San Marcos frames he said. He did a great job cause the original paint still looks great, unfaded and with few blemishes.The unitiated are surprised at how old the bike really is.

Thanks Jim and...

Best Wishes, Mark Cutrufelli in Laurel,MD

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Brian Baylis wrote:
> Interestingly, which color a particular Masi got
> painted was determined by the buyer...
> When I ordered my '78 from Krikbride's it was in Light Blue Metallic because that's the color I preferred. Are you aware of variables within a standard color's trim items? Mine has yellow windows, white "Masi" on the downtube and dark blue "Brev. Masi" on the stays. The remaining decals are accented in yellow.
> Frames were stored finished and primed
> once there began to be a surplus...
> That explains the remarkably quick turn around time on my order. The only delays were probably the drying times involved in the painting process. (Kirkbride's LBS was only minutes away from the San Marcos Masi facility.)

Thanks for spinning-up the way-back machine, again.

Pete Imandt, Ramona, SoCal