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Subject: Re: [CR]Untimely passing of our friend, Dave Staub
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 23:50:19 -0400

I had only meet Dave last year, but it was really great talk'n "track" with him. Knocked back a couple a "Flying Horse" beers at Cirque in May. One story of Dave's was about how lock rings became "required" after a fella had his balls ripped off in a shunt caused when his cog spun off. Dave told a hell of a story.
        I had the pleasure of recently getting him back together w/ an old friend Sam Zeitlin. They got to talk and reminisce on the phone after like 35 years. Dave had great enthusiasm for sharing and showing vintage cycling photos he collected at the March get together at Matt Gorskie's garage/ museum . What a genuine smile. I will hold GREAT memories of those times.
      Dave must have felt wonderful about the recent article in Bicycling magazine on his racing experiences in Europe.Another memory of mine is Mark Poore getting Dave's autograph in an issue of American Bicyclist after waiting some 40 years; priceless.
      Brian, Dave is waiting for us on a really smooth track and we'll get to do some flying 200's together someday. All of us. A little of my heaven. But I'm too sad now.
   Rest in Peace Dave. John T.Pergolizzi Trackie New York City

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Subject: [CR]Untimely passing of our friend, Dave Staub

> Dear friends;
> Only moments ago I recieved a phone call from one of our listmembers and
> friend of mine with the tragic information that earlier today, esteemed
> listmember Dave Staub was found on the side of the road by a passing
> motorist. Apparently Dave passed away while out riding his bicycle
> earlier today. For those who know Dave from the list or have met him in
> person; you know what an incredable enthusiest and rider Dave was. Like
> our recently departed and equally beloved Chris Beyer, Dave Staub was
> one of those always happy and ever positive individuals; no matter what
> was going on. His contribution to the world of bicycling, which extended
> for his entire life, was tremendous. He was by far one of my favorite
> local listmembers to ride and hang around with. We had a special bond
> which only short riders have with one another. We recently rode a few
> laps on the Disney/Mountford Schwinn 1964 Olympic track tandem on one of
> gatherings here in San Diego. I will miss him deeply. He was just here
> this past Monday to pick up his freshly restored 1964 Masi Special,
> which he bought new. I hjad just given the bike a new life. I dearly
> wish I could have somewhow given him more life; he is one of the most
> deserving persons I have ever met. We were going to ride together this
> comming Sunday. You cannot imagine my sadness right now, as I realize I
> will never be able to ride with him again.
> God Bless you, Dave. Rest in Peace.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
> This is the most painful submission I will ever have to make to the list
> I'm sure. Truely a more friendly and sincere man never lived.