Re: [CR]Untimely passing of our friend, Dave Staub

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Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 22:54:16 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
To: Mara & Steven Maasland <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Untimely passing of our friend, Dave Staub
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As this is so sudden, I do not know exactly what tribute we will perform; but rest assured we will do so at Velo Rendezvous this year. I would like to make some reprints of the photo, in various sizes, perhaps to be available to listmembers, providing permission can be granted. The current photo is an 8 x 10 B & W glossy, (not unlike the evidence photos in "Alices' Resturaunt") and shows Dave riding his Masi at speed at Hellyer Park, I believe. I'm thinking we may build an artistic and classy "throphy" to be traded amongst the So. Cal membership at a memorial ride each year; possibly during Velo Rendzvous. What do you think Chuck? I will make the piece from "recycled" bike parts, crowning the "Great Work" with a Masi "M" that was punched out of a BB shell in Carlsbad. I have only three of these pieces left. One will take it's permanent place atop the "Dave Staub Memorial Cup". It would be really cool to use parts donated my the membership to build the piece. I would want to "Jury" the parts prior to submission so that I don't get swamped with junk. If you have a distinctive bike part or related piece that you feel would make a positive contribution to the project, drop me a line off list. I'm thinking things that pertain to his life and/or maybe a bust of Dave made from bike parts. Just some early thoughts.

I think also it might be fitting to create an "In Memory Of" page on the CR site. Certainly Mike Richardson, Chris Beyer, Dave Staub, and Faliero Masi could start it off.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

> As much as I felt bad about Chris' recent passing, I did not feel
> overly cheated as I had never had the chance to meet him in person and
> it was obvious that he himself could foresee the end coming because of
> a debilitating disease. Dave on the other hand seemed the picture of
> good health and good humour. I had also had the chance to spend a few
> moments with his charming smile and quick wit. I am, like Brian,
> incredulous. What a first class bummer!
> I hate to admit it, but I just spent an hour with my wife going over
> what I would like to happen with my bikes were premature death to ever
> catch me. I believe that I have taken sufficient steps to guarantee
> the future for my whole family, so that my bikes can
> be 'reappropriated' to deserving people, without any need to resort
> to 'sale to the highest bidder'. Initially, this was a depressing
> thought, but I now realize that this has actually brought the flicker
> of a smile to my otherwise sombre face. Dave was like this during his
> life, he shared his knowledge and experiences with everybody.
> If Brian manages to get a copy of Dave's photo on the track bike, I
> would feel honoured to bring a copy of it to Ghisallo the next time I
> go over to Italy. While I am certain that he will be looked after, with
> the image of him riding the boards somewhere dancing through my head, I
> would be doubly happy to know that the Madonna del Ghisallo be aware.
> I mentioned in my earlier post that we should institute some type of
> remembrance to Dave. Is there perhaps some left coast CR listmember,
> who is familiar with Dave's personal situation, who also has the time
> to look after this?
> Steven Maasland
> Moorestown, NJ