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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 10:55:45 -0700
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Sitting in front of the monitor this morning, reading the tributes to our friend, I opened the link to the photo of Dave provided by Jamie Swan. My little four year old girl came in the room and asked "what's wrong, daddy?" I realized tears had welled up, and holding her tightly, I explained to her that one of my "bike club friends", as you are all referred to, is no longer with us.

Dave was a warm and gentle person, unassuming, free of any pretense or affectation. He was the real deal. Quick to offer a warm handshake to all he met, and with a constant smile and everpresent sparkle in his eyes,he was a most pleasant person to be around. I was looking forward to seeing him again this Sunday and to finalize plans to share a space with him at a local cycle swap. A generous man of warmth and grace will sorely be missed by us all. Rest in Peace Dave Staub. Jay Van De Velde drearily overcast in Seal Beach,CA --

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>Wow, what a shock! I just met Dave in person at Cirque and I was really
>smitten with him. Besides being extraordinarily knowledgeable, he was a
>warm and gracious man. He carried himself like the champion that he was.
>Here is a picture of Dave from the cover of the Northern California
>Cycling Association Newsletter.
>Here's a picture that I took of Dave at Cirque with John Pergolizzi's
>Not that I was ever on Dave's level but the big thing that we had in
>common was racing (particularly track racing). I, like many of you,
>loved to hear his stories. Although I retired from racing 16 years ago,
>this year I've been fooling around racing in the lowest category at the
>local training races on Friday evenings. I have been reporting to Dave
>on some of my modest exploits. I know that he understood my trials and
>tribulations. Today being Friday, I will be pinning on a race number
>this afternoon. If it comes down to a field sprint I'll be giving it
>everything I've got... with a lump in my throat.
>I'm just so glad that I had the good fortune to make Dave's acquaintance
>before his untimely passing.
>Jamie Swan - Northport, N.Y.