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Subject: [CR]re: Peugeot PX10s with Nervex Pro lugs

I wish I had a clear answer for Daniel Swords' question about the last year for Nervex Pro lugs on PX-10s. Back when David Goerndt and I were gathering data on them, I got photos of PX-10s featuring the curly Professional lugs and the 1975-78 paint schemes - arc en ciel type rings encircling the down tube, framing the dt "Peugeot" logos. I don't think I've ever seen any of the checkerboard fade decal Peugeots with Nervex Pro lugs.

There are a lot more people on the CR list now than there were three or four years ago, and there is more collective knowledge, so feel free to jump in on this one and correct me, y'all. Just be nice! Anyway, my perception is -

Nervex Pro lugs were standard for PX10E from circa 1960, a carry-over from the PLX10s built with Vitus tubing, right? Early ones in blue and apparently green, with gold headlugs. In the mid-60s the decal scheme featuring checkerboard trim and conventional (as opposed to reverse) "P" on the Peugeot comes in ...

I have a memory of some PR-10L series bikes being built with the Nervex Pro lugs in the late 60s, as well, but I don't have any photos. Anyone?

Plain Nervex lugs show up on some PX10Es concurrently with the Nervex Pros circa 1971 or so - I think. The late Mike Richardson had a '72 PX10E with black plain DuBois/Nervex lugs at the '99 Cirque.

To my knowledge, PX10LEs (introduced c. 1974?) always came with the plain DuBois lugs, with the edges pinstriped with gold rather than black contrast finishes.

The PX10LE went away circa 1975 when the PY-10 series bikes came in. I don't recall ever seeing a PY with Nervex Pro lugs.

I think everything went to the DuBois/plain Nervex lugs by 1979, if not a year or two earlier. It would help if Peugeot's serial numbers from this era made any sense, but the s/n plates riveted to the BB shell are even worse than Fender guitar neckplates in terms of figuring out when something was built.

Russ Fitzgerald, PX10-less in Greenwood, SC velocio@earthlink.net

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