[CR]Bi laminar and Claude butler

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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 13:03:07 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Bi laminar and Claude butler

I am glad you asked that about the lugs Dale, because I was of the same opinion.

To me bi laminar lugs are "fake" lugs that are placed over the top of a fillet brazed joint, for cosmetic reasons (I have Paris frame that is like that in my shed, if any one wants to see or buy one).

The frame it self is fantastic, but it would be a complete travesty to fit brakes or gears. It is a path frame not a road / path frame.

Fit it with some Sprints and Barum G9 tubulars and set up a local grass tack league!

On the subject of which, I attenuated the best track race meet I have ever been to this last weekend. A small village named Halkirk, near Thurso, at the very top of Scotland, promotes a "Highland" games annually. this was it 100th anniversary. There are light and heavy field events, running races, and a very good program of cycle races. All these events take place either on or within a 200m grass track.

The track is almost completely oval, with no straights. For the cyclists there are 7 races (plus heats in the 800m) so it is a very busy afternoon if you are racing. there was a paying crowd of over 4800, plus there must have been another 1000 guests, so it was five deep around the track.

Fourteen riders were in the open races, of which 14 were riding steel lugged frames, some of which were at least 50 years old. More airlight hubs and fiamme rims than you can imagine.

To win, you had to be in first place at the bell. So in the handicap races, if you did not "fight" for it, you got nothing. I had my third racing crash in 6 days, sending others flying in to the crowd, it all adds to the excitement.

Martin Coopland, 32 races in 7 days!