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As explained to me by Bill Hurlow, using my Singer and another Claude Butler as examples, Bi-laminate or Bi-lam as he called it is when a frame is constructed using tubular sleeves in place of lug sockets. The tubes and sleeves are mitered together and the assembly is then fillet brazed. This gives complete freedom from lug-dictated angles and insures complete, solid contact at the tube intersections. Lugs, especially stamped lugs with rounded internal "corners" can have voids at these critical intersection points. While a bi-lam frame can appear to be lugged, one tip off is that the bottom bracket shell is tubing, not cast and is closed inside like a filet brazed or welded frame. The technique also allows for semi-lugged effects like the head tube of my Singer. While the technique has the advantages of both lugged and filet brazed techniques, it also combines the difficulty and most labor intensive aspects of both techniques. Specifically; getting the "lug" edging right, while also building and finishing a nice void free fillet. On chrome frame in particular where the slightest undercut or pinhole would be apparent, flawless bi-lam is a craftsman's tour de force! We are very fortunate to have found these Claud Butler frames and a cache of NOS parts to build them. Since we have enough part to build them several ways, I thought we'd offer them separately to allow configuration to suit. How to choose between Sturmey ASC, Harden or Airlite Continental flip flop rear hubs? Four different Rim choices including Constrictor ASP, Dunlop stainless clincher or tubulars. Two versions of the Resilion Cantilever brakes fit right on these frames. Ambrosio or Constrictor adjustable stems, or beautiful Reynolds? Chater-lea or one of 6 other period crank and pedal styles. Frame purchaser gets first crack at the parts as we'd really like to build these up!

Jim Cunningham Excited at CyclArt Vista, CA

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<< Claud Butler 54cm 1952 PathRacer NOS

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I guess I still don't understand what bi-laminate lugs are because these look like normal lugs (albeit way cool semi-fancy normal!) I thought bi-laminate meant kind of "one lug on top of another.." Can someone instruct me, using this frame as an example, what bi-laminate is?


Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina